1. A collaborative motion picture production project locally customized with contributor scenes. The plot is a world empire made by the project of movie-making.


  1. Amateurs and professionals purchase lease and development rights for screening scenes and producing technology. Screenings vary in every location through the use of specialized upload and screening (edtiing) engines (see “DISCLAIMER” below) which insert scenes within designated screen slots.
  2. Revenues may be shared among contributors to include box office, streaming, merchandising, product placement, advertising, promotions, endorsements and other revenue sources.
  3. The action creates a worldwide movie project along with a real ‘show’ in the real world revolving around costuming, currency, electronic devices, insignia, software and methods of cooperation, competition and dramaturgy.


  1. Chapter One will be released with new content annually, Chapter Two biennially, Chapter Three in three year intervals, Chapter Four every five years, Chapter Five every eight and subsequent releases will continue along the Fibonacci Sequence until Chapter Twelve is released One Hundred and Forty Four years later.


  1. Rights are for Lessee’s scene(s) to screen in designated scene slot(s) within screenings of The Mirror Empire Social Show, Chapter One (the “Show”) (each screening a “Production”) authorized by the Mirror Empire Company (the “Company”), subject to the following descriptions and restrictions:
    • Right will be for screening uploaded and approved scene(s) within official feature presentations. Other screenings of individual scenes or sequences may also occur, for purposes of viewer voting or selection, development of new plot lines, or other purposes developed by the Company.
    • An EXCLUSIVE right means screening of the specified series, scene or role to all viewers within the designated area, to be determined by the Company according to each product description (World, National, Local, Shared, Roving, Moveable, etc.).
    • A LOCAL right is for the area of the registered location.
    • A SHARED right means multiple shares of the local, regional, roving or moveable or other right may be purchased for the same series or scene; the number of potential viewers apportioned to each share will be determined by dividing the number of shares leased in the relevant region by total relevant population, with screening areas allocated per share according to a function determined by the Company. “Share” thus refers to an equal portion of potential viewers per share.
    • A local right can be shared (with screening area increased proportional to number of shares purchased), exclusive, or popular (where screenings of feature presentations in a default or standard mode will include only those ‘popular’-scenes chosen by vote. (This may necessitate availability of competing scenes within each neighborhood on a stand-alone basis and other such contingent screening of scenes—leading perhaps to competing mini-movie plots). The “NEIGHBORHOOD” series, for instance, is exclusive and popular; winning scenes will be screened exclusively in feature presentations (in default mode) in an area determined by the Company according to a function determined by the Company reflecting popular vote. Other selections may be allowed through viewer choice.
    • A ROVING right is a moving local competitive right. Roving rights are in competition with other roving rights for the role or scene(s). Audience share will be comprised of those viewers nearest the registered actor or actress at the time of screening. The Empress $100 roles, for instance, are roving rights that dictate the screening of each Empress’s scene(s) in actual proximity of the real, actual actress (the person) AT THE TIME OF EACH SCREENING who played the roll in the scene when recorded. The billion-dollar Empress role, for instance, is a roving right; another purchase of the right would divide the world in two, with each half of the world’s audience being formed at any given time by proximity to the Empress’s location AT THE TIME OF SCREENING. It is possible that portions of the movie will become partially live-action or constantly updated action, that such action will be distilled into a static movie (for each location, including roving locations) at time intervals (weekly, monthly, or yearly, for instance).
    • A NATIONAL right will be for the nation selected. While the current edition of a particular chapter is developing, the national right will be OFFERED at ten times the previous price 30 DAYS after each price-tier purchase. Half of any NEW purchase price (made at ten times the previous price )will go to the previous buyer.
    • A COOPERATIVE right, such as that for Tech Giants, is indeterminate, and will be worked out by the affected parties, with the Company mediating or arbitrating.
    • A POPULAR right is determined by audience vote. Viewer choice, wherein a default mode of screening in the feature presentation will present the most up-voted scenes for that area, will include only those scenes most favored by the viewers in that area. NEIGHBORHOOD scenes, for instance, may screen IN FEATURE PRESENTATIONS in the neighborhood (with the area determined by the Company) according to the up-votes generated on a separate platform or other screening capability; new mini-movies and plots for further chapters may develop through this process.
    • A MOVEABLE right allows the owner of the leased right to change the registered screening area with the Company’s permission. Right remains in competition with other leased rights for the same scene(s).
  2. Editing rights will be either global or local and may expand into content. Editors may be subject to content restriction by the Company (See §F “Content”, below).
  3. All screening rights will be owned by the Company and leased to contributors according to the various agreements. Contributors release all claims and ownership beyond right to have scenes screened according the this Agreement and are responsible for obtaining releases and permissions from all actors, owners, appropriate authorities and participants in their productions, as well as for conformity to regulations and laws pertaining to their activities.
  4. Rights are perpetual for Chapter One of The Mirror Empire Social Show. ANY RIGHT MAY BE RESOLD TO ANOTHER PARTY WITH THE PERMISSION OF THE COMPANY AND WITH A 10% (TEN PERCENT) COMMISSION OF ALL PROCEEDS EFFECTING THE TRANSFER TO THE COMPANY. Some particular rights may be registered only by the person playing the character, such as the billion-dollar (US) role of Empress; other role and scene rights may also be required to be personal.
  5. Your scene(s) may be displayed according to other criteria as parts of further developing plots or other lists of scenes or in any reasonable fashion determined by the Company, in its sole and absolute discretion.
  6. All ambiguities in rights and responsibilities will be resolved by the Company and all participants, purchasers, lessees, developers, agents, investors and viewers agree to be bound by such decisions and hold the Company harmless in this regard.


  1. Uploads must be completed within a reasonable time frame. For the first release the time frame will be communicated to purchasers as the situation develops.
  2. The Company may require subsequent uploads as needed.
  3. The Company reserves the right to screen a placeholder scene in the slot space reserved for any scene in any Production, leased or not leased, before a submission is received and approved for screening.
  4. A new scene may be uploaded to a leased scene slot to replace a previously uploaded scene with permission from the Company, as often as the Company permits. 
  5. Overall scene length must not exceed the original scripted scene length unless permitted otherwise by the Company.
  6. Editors may arrange the scenes submitted by Lessee within a Production in any novel way for any screening of a Production.
  7. Lessee releases all photography, images, likenesses of all actors and all distribution rights to the Company to use as it sees fit. Lessee agrees to secure such rights as necessary for screening of Lessee’s scenes within a Production.
  8. Lease applies to the current version of Chapter One of the Mirror Empire Social Show.
  9. Displaced scenes may be archived by the Company for custom retrieval by viewers using various criteria or for any other use approved by the Company.


  1. All scene submissions are subject to approval by the Company. In the case of a rejected scene Lessee may be allowed additional scene uploads. Successive rejections may result in Lessee’s lease right being suspended, to be reinstated at terms acceptable to the Company, or, in the case of multiple rejections, acts of bad faith, or adverse action by Lessee as determined by the Company IN ITS SOLE AND ABSOLUTE DISCRETION the Company reserves the right to terminate Lessee’s lease without refund and release any affected screening right share(s). Lessee agrees to hold the Company harmless in this regard. The Company agrees that screening approval shall not be unreasonably withheld.
  2. The Company may require adherence by any lessees of People’s or Plebeian scenes to the supervision and approval of an assigned Tribune and/or Praetor, when such is placed in a supervisory position by the Company.
  3. The moral theme portrayed by protagonists in the Show will be “Everyone counts, everyone counts equally, and everyone counts equally today.” 
  4. The plot recognizes government as the public mind and as such the project of mankind. The protection and expansion of individual rights is central to and formative and normative of and to this project.
  5. The privacy right shall be primary. In the plot and in actions generic to producing scenes and the project overall, privacy in the realm of the individual will be protected, including the right to not be surveilled without permission, the right to travel freely, and the right to be anonymous as an individual. Such will be defining policy of the role of the protagonist.
  6. Protection of the public will require transparency and visibility of public activities, and such will be a policy depicted by the protagonist’s roles.
  7. Lessees are notified that depictions of violence, distribution of misinformation, organization of sedition or any unlawful activities will be grounds for rejection of scene submissions and termination of lease. Each Lessee agrees that it and its employees and contractors and all personnel engaged in the photographing and production of scenes shall not engage in violence; that violence and the use of weapons shall not be photographed; and that no weapons shall be allowed upon the set or any location of photography or production. Each Lessee further agrees that all references to violence shall be oblique only, scripted as to be visualized by the viewers in imagination and will not be depicted on-screen. Each Lessee agrees to hold harmless the Company and any of its associates or assigns for any harm or damages incurred during photography or production of scenes.


  1. “Company” shall refer to The Mirror Empire Company, a Nevada Sole Proprietorship.
  2. “Show” refers to the Mirror Empire Social Show in general.
  3. “Production”, “Release” or “Screening” refers to any production of the Mirror Empire Social Show, Chapter One, or any of its scenes, as it screens or as they screen, in whole or in part, by any technology.
  4. Payment that executes agreement to lease may be referenced here by terms such as “sale” or “purchase” or “buy”. Lessor may be alternatively denoted as “Buyer” or “Purchaser” or “Owner”, or similar term.


The Mirror Empire project (the “Show” or “Project”) is a tentative proposition with some financial risk involved for everyone who participates. The envisioned outcome is a participatory movie that screens in customized versions, differently in different places around the world. To enable such screenings new technology must be made operative. Such technology is believed to be  within the reach of current capabilities but has not yet been deployed in a coordinated manner as envisioned here. Until such time, screenings of produced and uploaded scenes will be limited to a website, or possibly other applications, and may not be easily presentable as full productions. Also, new ways of viewing and utilizing scenes and sequences may evolve. In addition, no promise is made as to the continuance of the project. The Mirror Empire Company (the “Company”) intends to realize and aid, as much as is reasonable and possible, the creative possibilities inherent in the Project. However, no promises can be reasonably made at this time as to outcomes, and all who participate in the Project, whether as an individual, group, or commercial enterprise, as leaseholder, investor, creator, promoter, actor or any other role should be aware that any investment, whether of effort, moneys, good will or any other consideration places such at risk. By continuing you agree to hold the Company harmless with regard to risk, harm, or loss, to include failure to realize an envisioned outcome, real or imagined.