WORLD COUNCIL PROLOGUE SCENE – Worldwide Shared Screening Right


Buy a lakeside home at the Lakes in Las Vegas to be eligible to become a World Councilor in the Mirror Empire.

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World Council scenes are available to purchasers of lakeside homes at the Lakes in Las Vegas. See details in description.

Please see General Disclaimer below.

This lease is for a portion of a worldwide screening right for this scene as a produced version of this World Council Scene script within screenings of The Mirror Empire Social Show authorized by the Mirror Empire Company (the “Company”). Scene must be photographed at The Lakes in Las Vegas on a property bordering on the lake after the house been purchased using the services of George Edward Hamilton (“Mr. Hamilton”), a Nevada licensed Real Estate Salesperson, license number S.0059955, with Mr. Hamilton serving as either the listing or selling agent, or both. Only owners of a house purchased through Mr. Hamilton are eligible to purchase lease rights to this scene.

Screening right is for one year with right of renewal at the original leasing priceĀ as long as Lessee owns the home, and is non-transferrable except through sale using the brokerage services of Mr. Hamilton.

Scene upload must be approved by the Company. New submissions, to replace a previous produced scene, may be accepted at the sole discretion of the Company. The Company reserves the right to use a placeholder scene if necessary. Multiple home owners may be eligible for upload. Scenes from different home owners may be screened within productions according to region, on a rotating basis, viewer choice, or any other criteria selected or devised by the Company. No guarantee as to revenue or screening time or any other remittance or value is made or implied.

Scene placement may vary according to the wishes of editors.


The Mirror Empire project (the “Project”) is a tentative proposition with risk involved for everyone who participates. The envisioned outcome is a participatory movie that screens in customized versions. To enable such screenings new technology must be made operative. Such technology is believed to beĀ  within the reach of current capabilities but has not yet been deployed in a coordinated manner as envisioned herein. Until such time, screenings of produced and uploaded scenes will be limited to a website, or possibly other applications, and may not be easily presentable as full productions; in addition, no promise is made as to the continuance of the project; furthermore, new ways of viewing and utilizing scenes and sequences may evolve. The Mirror Empire Company (the “Company”) intends to realize and aid, as much as is reasonable and possible, the creative possibilities inherent in the Project. However, no promises can be reasonably made at this time as to outcomes, and all who participate in the Project, whether as an individual or company, as leaseholder, investor, creator, promoter, actor or any other personnel or entity engaged in any way with the Project (each and every, singly and collectively a “Participant”), is hereby made aware that any investment of effort, finance, emotion or any other consideration or thing of value is at risk. Each Participant agrees to hold the Company harmless with regard to any and all risk, harm, or loss; such risk to include any failure and consequence of such failure to realize an envisioned outcome, real or imagined.

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Verification Required

Only owners of a house at The Lakes situated on the lake and purchased through the agency of George Edward Hamilton are eligible.