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This is what AI is going to look like.

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Partner with The Mirror Empire to create the reflective center of the Internet.


Please read the General Disclaimer below.

This offering is for capable technology companies. A world screening right for one of nine scenes in the Tech Giant sequence is granted to the Lessee with each lease payment. Scene will appear in every screening of The Mirror Empire Social Show, Chapter One (the “Show”) on all devices, in all venues and at all locations throughout the world approved by the Mirror Empire Company (the “Company”).

Lessee may submit new scenes in consultation with and approval by the Company. Lessee may modify scripts, subject to approval by the Company. Scene content will be subject to negotiations in good faith. Scene length must not exceed original script scene length without permission from the Company. Rules and rights will be otherwise as described in the plot outlined in the scripts, or as announced by the Company.

Lessee is also granted a non-exclusive right, as part of a cooperative effort engaging other lessees, to develop registration, identification, protection, verification, networking and other relevant processes, as well as devices, software, or other technological features, for use by Mirror Empire subscribers and relevant others, for the distribution of digital, virtual, and/or paper currency, registration and care of subscribers, protection and verification of applicants or registrants and other appropriate personnel, and so forth. Results envisioned herein may be obtained through the use of devices (hardware), programs, software, and other relevant processes via local and global, real and virtual networking, systems, processes and organizations necessary for any use approved by the Company.

Revenues for activities other than scene slot leasing may be shared with Lessee. Such revenues may include licensing of products for personal surveillance, recording, registration of individuals, screening of the Show and related files, proprietary Internet services, and, in coordination with motion picture producers and in cooperation with the Company, merchandise sales, product placement, promotions and advertising, movie-making emporium licensing, and any other activity that may be negotiated in good faith by all parties. Such sharing is provisionally envisioned to reflect a general agreement that revenues will be split 45/45 between technology developers and motion picture producers, with the Company retaining a ten percent share.

Lessee will always and in all circumstances and without reservation allow, license, and/or purvey to the Company all relevant technology, usage, rights and privileges, free of charge and without monetary or any other consideration or compensation or any restriction whatsoever, whether in usage, scope or other characteristic, and shall not hide or obfuscate capabilities from the Company. Lessee will retain patents for all processes and devices in perpetuity, as also any other profits or revenues accruing from them outside the overall Mirror Empire project, including future chapters of the social show. Trademarks, logos, designs and any other identifying signs and signifiers will be owned by, and will remain with, the Company.

The screening and other rights as outlined here may be subleased and/or sold to another party, with a payment equal to 50% (Fifty Percent) to the Company of all revenues effecting such transfer.


The Mirror Empire project is a tentative proposition with risk involved for everyone who participates. The envisioned outcome is a participatory movie that screens in customized versions, to include localized and regionalized content, with each screening. To enable these screenings an editing and screening engine that takes into account the location of each screening and has the ability to insert scenes into an overall production must be brought online and made operative. Such technology is believed to be well within the reach of current capabilities but has not yet been produced. Until such time, screenings of purchased, produced, and uploaded scenes meant for specific scene slots will be limited to a website application, inasmuch as possible, and will not be easily presentable on-demand as full productions. The Lessee of the screening rights or shares is made aware that this is the first of this type of venture and agrees and acknowledges that it, she or he is shouldering the risk, burden and hardship generally associated with that of a pioneer. The Lessee agrees with the Mirror Empire Company to act in good faith to realize the full creative possibilities inherent in this project as envisioned, and to promote and integrate the creative products of its participants. No promises are made at this time as to ultimate outcomes. The limits on the numbers of Lessees for each scene will be maintained, to inasmuch as possible safeguard and make valuable the investment of each Lessee as to any possible return whether monetary or in the form of influence or creative expression, though none is guaranteed.