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Please be sure to read the General Disclaimer below.

Lease this scene slot for a specific nation and send your produced scenes to With your payment you, as “Lessee”, obtain the scene slot screening right from the Mirror Empire Company (the “Company”) for the scene slots designated as SERIES 3 in the scene scripts for a single country (nation), and therefore with this lease retain the right for your scene to appear within screenings by the Company within the leased country, except as such rights of screenings are subject to the restrictions, limitations, and rules as stated below, and as they may be modified by the Company from time to time, at its sole discretion.

To wit:

Your scenes (as Lessee) will screen to all viewers within your chosen country on all screens and devices and at all locations authorized exclusively by the Company.

Lessee’s screening right is for one year or until Lessee’s leased scene slot is leased by a New Lessee, as described below.

30 (THIRTY) CALENDAR DAYS after the lease payment for your lease rights is received by the Company, Lessee’s leased scene slots will be advertised for lease AGAIN at a new lease price that is 10 (Ten) times the previous lease price. Lessee may opt to renew lease, at the new payment price before public offering at the new price, with notification and payment to the Company. Upon receiving a NEW LEASE PAYMENT from a New Lessee, all New Lessee’s scenes will displace the previous Lessee’s scenes as soon as is practicable after acceptance by the Company of the New Lessee’s scene submissions. This displacement, or, substitution of scenes will apply to all screenings of the Mirror Empire Social Show in the country leased. PLEASE NOTE: YOU, AS PREVIOUS LESSEE, will receive from the Company a sum equal to 1/2 (One Half) of the new lease payment, should such occur, within 90 (Ninety) days of receipt by the Company of the new lease payment. Such payment is contingent upon good funds being cleared and is subject to cancellation in the case of fraud or malfeasance.

Lessee must be a natural person. Original scene submission must follow the script provided. Lessee is allowed a new scene submission per scene slot per month. The Company may allow for modification of follow-up scripts at its sole discretion.

Lease payments are non-refundable. All scene submissions are subject to approval by the Company. The Company reserves the right to screen a scene in the slot space reserved for any scene in any screening or production, leased or not leased, before a submission is received and approved.

The Company agrees that screening approval shall not be unreasonably withheld; however, Lessee is notified that depictions of violence, distribution of misinformation, organization of sedition and any other unlawful activities will be grounds for rejection. In addition to these restrictions, the Company reserves the right to reject scenes based on any reasonable criterion or criteria, including shoddy production, technical incompatibility or acts in bad faith by the Lessee. In such case the Company will retain and may exercise its right to screen its own or any other scenes in the scene slot space(s) of Lessee’s leased rights, without compensation to Lessee, and Lessee agrees to hold the Company harmless for any and all actions by the Company, its assigns, agents, subsidiaries, associates, licensees and registrants in this regard.

Editors, whether authorized as such as characters in the plot, or as authorized employees of the Company, may select to delete or arrange at their pleasure the scenes submitted by Lessee in any of their own productions or screenings of the Mirror Empire Social Show. Such Editors may have control, as a group, for all screenings in Lessee’s leased area (as defined above). In the case of deletion, Lessee may petition the Company for a sub-plot allowing for their scene(s) and perhaps others to be scripted, developed and produced by the Lessee, and for the right of screening such productions in the Lessee’s leased country, at a minimum in the Lessee’s self-determined location, and perhaps at other locations and on further devices, as adjunct sub-plots of the Mirror Empire Social Show. Such petitions shall be considered in good faith by the Company and shall not be unreasonably denied.

Lessee agrees that it and its employees and contractors and all personnel engaged in the photographing and production of scenes shall not engage in any violence while so engaged; that violence and the use of weapons shall not be photographed, and that no weapons shall be allowed upon the set or any location of photography or production. Furthermore, that all references to violence shall be oblique only, scripted as to be visualized by the viewers in imagination only and will not be depicted on-screen. Furthermore, Lessee is advised that motion picture photography may be difficult and entail liabilities that are not easily foreseen and is therefore counseled to engage in photography that is simple and easy for an amateur photographer, to abstain from stunts or any dangerous or unpredictable activity, and to generally keep all production activities within clearly safe parameters. Lessee agrees to hold harmless the Company and any of its associates or assigns for any damages incurred during photography or production of any scenes as described herein.

Profits accruing to the Company from activities derivative of the Mirror Empire Social Show may be shared with Lessee based on pro rata and other types of distribution as determined by the Company. Lessee will be notified by the Company of such distribution and sharing policies, should they occur. Such policies and distribution may be modified by the Company from time to time. Sales of merchandise, sub-leasing of localized, independent screenings, and any other significantly related Mirror Empire activities by Lessee will be subject to a licensing fee, which fee is hereby agreed between the Company and Lessee to be generally 10% (Ten Percent) of retail prices unless agreed otherwise by the Parties.


The Mirror Empire project is a tentative proposition with risk involved for everyone who participates. The envisioned outcome is a participatory movie that screens in customized versions, to include localized and regionalized content, with each screening. To enable these screenings an editing and screening engine that takes into account the location of each screening and has the ability to insert scenes into an overall production must be brought online and made operative. Such technology is believed to be well within the reach of current capabilities but has not yet been produced. Until such time, screenings of produced and uploaded scenes meant for specific scene slots will be limited to a website application to the extent possible and will not be easily presentable on-demand as full productions. Lessees of the screening rights or shares of screening rights are made aware that this is the first of this type of venture and each is shouldering the risk and burden of a pioneer. The Mirror Empire Company will act in good faith to realize the full creative possibilities inherent in this project as envisioned, and to promote and integrate the creative products of its participants. However, no promises can be reasonably made at this time as to ultimate outcomes. The limits on the numbers of Lessees for each scene will be adhered to, however, to inasmuch as possible safeguard and make valuable the investment of each Lessee as to any possible return whether monetary or in the form of influence or creative expression, though none is guaranteed.

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