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All Terms and Conditions subject to the GENERAL DISCLAIMER below.

Description of Right: With each individual payment Lessee obtains 1 (One) share of 100 (One Hundred) shares of the worldwide screening right for all Series Two (2.x) scenes within all screenings of The Mirror Empire Social Show, Chapter One (each screening a “Production”) authorized by the Mirror Empire Company (the “Company”), subject to the following conditions, limitations and restrictions: 

  1. Right is to be exercised in localized, geographical competition with all other Lessees of shares of the worldwide screening right for this series. “Share” or “shares” refers to audience share, which shall be apportioned among all shares geographically according to the number of potential viewers nearest the first photography location submitted by Lessee of each share. Each share shall be assigned a potential audience share equalling the total world population divided by the number of currently leased shares, with boundaries encompassing the assigned population used to assign scenes to be screened within each Production. Boundaries will change as new shares are leased. Boundaries shall be drawn according to a function determined by the Company.
  2. Original, or first, scene upload must adhere to the script as published by the Company.
  3. Lessee may upload a new scene to its scene slot, to replace a previously uploaded scene, as often as once per week, with a new payment for each new upload. Scene length must be roughly equivalent to the original scene unless otherwise permitted by the Company. Payment per scene upload shall be equivalent to the original lease share payment divided by the number of scenes in the series, adjusted according to the current US Government Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) multiplier applied continuously since first payment. Scenes shall appear within the designated scene slot requested at upload, subject to Paragraph 6 (Six) below.
  4. All scene submissions are subject to approval by the Company.
  5. The Company reserves the right to screen a placeholder scene in the slot space reserved for a scene, leased or not leased, before a submission is received and approved for screening. In the case of a rejected scene Lessee may be allowed, at the sole discretion of the Company, an additional scene upload free of charge. In the case of multiple rejections, acts of bad faith, or other adverse action by Lessee, as determined by the Company, the Company reserves the right to terminate Lessee’s lease without refund. Lessee agrees to hold the Company harmless in this regard. The Company agrees that screening approval shall not be unreasonably withheld.
  6. Lessee is notified that depictions of violence, distribution of misinformation, organization of sedition or any unlawful activities will be grounds for rejection of scene submissions and possible termination of lease. Lessee agrees that it and its employees and contractors and all personnel engaged in the photographing and production of scenes shall not engage in violence; that violence and the use of weapons shall not be photographed; and that no weapons shall be allowed upon the set or any location of photography or production. Lessee further agrees that all references to violence shall be oblique only, scripted as to be visualized by the viewers in imagination only and will not be depicted on-screen. Lessee agrees to hold harmless the Company and any of its associates or assigns for any harm or damages incurred during photography or production of scenes.
  7. Editors may arrange the scenes submitted by Lessee in any novel ways in screening a Production.
  8. Lessee releases all photography, images, likenesses of all actors and all distribution rights to the Company to use as it sees fit. Lessee agrees to secure such rights as necessary for screening of Lessee’s scenes within a Production.
  9. Lessee must be a natural person.
  10. Lessee may sublease screening rights to a natural person with payment to the Company of 50% (Fifty Percent) of gross payment concerning or effectuating the sublease.
  11. Lessee may assign or sell its lease right permanently and irrevocably (without agreement to reassign or resell to Lessee or Lessee’s associate or assign) to a natural person with a 10% (Ten Percent) payment to the Company of any and all payments relating to such transaction.
  12. Lease is in perpetuity.


The Mirror Empire Social Show project is a tentative proposition. The envisioned outcome is a participatory movie that screens in customized versions, to include customized content, with each screening. To enable these screenings an editing and screening engine that takes into account the location of each screening and has the ability to insert scenes into an overall production must be brought online and made operative. Such technology is believed to be well within the reach of current capabilities but has not yet been made operational. Until such time, screenings of produced and uploaded scenes meant for specific scene slots may be limited to a website and will not be easily presentable on-demand within fully produced releases. Lessees of the screening rights or shares of screening rights are made aware that this is the first of this type of venture and each is shouldering the risk and burden of a pioneer. The Mirror Empire Company (“Company”) agrees to act in good faith to realize the full creative possibilities inherent in this project as envisioned, and to promote and integrate the creative products of its participants. However, no promises can be reasonably made at this time as to ultimate outcomes, and the Company must reserve to itself the right to change terms and conditions as it sees fit . The limits on the numbers of Lessees for each scene will be adhered to, however, to inasmuch as possible safeguard and make valuable the investment of each Lessee as to any possible return whether monetary or in the form of influence or creative expression, though none is guaranteed. All prices are subject to change.