SCENE 2.1 — Scene Sequence Competition




The plot of The Mirror Empire Social Show predicts that a scene produced for a localized competition will screen in the area nearest to where it was photographed, after it is uploaded and accepted. The plot depicts that it may, however, come into competition with other submissions from the area, in which case priority will be given to the highest total of purchases, in the case of a localized competition, or the highest scene number, in the case of a scene sequence competition. In addition, national scene competitions will only reach to national borders. FURTHERMORE, THERE ARE SCENES DEPICTING A ROLE COMPETITION THAT GRANT SCREENING RIGHTS CENTERED AT THE CURRENT LOCATION, AT THE TIME OF SCREENING, OF THE ACTOR/ACTRESS DEPICTING THE ROYAL CHARACTER. Additional purchases may be made in multiples of the original purchase price by purchasing extra quantities, in the case of a localized or role competition, or a FURTHER scene in the case of a scene sequence competition. A purchase guarantees screening within the website, but does not guarantee any further motion picture production, and localized screening is theoretical until such technology is developed.