PLAYERS SERIES – Local Screening Right Share


Make a story with a series of scenes  — for your neighborhood!

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Buy more territory to make your scene appear in a wider area.


Please read the GENERAL DISCLAIMER below.


Your scenes will be appear in all screenings of The Mirror Empire Social Show, Chapter One (the “Show”) (each screening a “Production”) authorized by the Mirror Empire Company (the “Company”), subject to the following conditions, limitations and restrictions: 

  1. The Territory of screening where your scenes will appear in the scene slots designated for “The People” series of scenes will be adjacent to your original declared location of principal photography, and will be in competition with all other purchasers of leased screening rights by any other purchasers of “The People” series screening right. For instance, the first purchaser of one share will own the screening right for the whole world; after a purchase of another share by a different purchaser, half of Productions of the Show will feature one series and half the other, with each screening showing that series claim closest to the viewer at the time of screening. Each purchaser may purchase more shares to increase the screening area viz-a-viz other purchasers.
  2. Lessee may sell or transfer screening right(s) with payment to the Company of 50% (Fifty Percent) of all gross funds, value, or revenues effecting such sale or transfer.
  3. Lease payments are non-refundable.
  4. The Company reserves the right to screen a scene in the slot space reserved for any scene in any screening or production, leased or not leased, before a submission is received and approved.
  5. Editors may arrange scenes submitted by Lessee in any novel way for screening a Production.
  6. Lessee releases all photography, images, likenesses of all actors and all distribution rights to the Company to use as it sees fit. Lessee agrees to secure such rights as necessary for screening of Lessee’s scenes within a Production.
  7. Lessee must be a natural person.
  8. Lease applies to Chapter One of the Mirror Empire Social Show.
  9. All scene submissions are subject to approval by the Company. In the case of multiple rejections, acts of bad faith, or any adverse action by Lessee, as determined by the Company, the Company reserves the right to terminate Lessee’s lease without refund and release the affected screening right share(s). Lessee agrees to hold the Company harmless in this regard. The Company agrees that screening approval shall not be unreasonably withheld.
  10. The general rule describing the morality portrayed by protagonists in the Show is: “Everyone counts, everyone counts equally, and everyone counts equally today.”
  11. The Company may demand adherence by any lessees of People’s scenes to the supervision and approval of an assigned Tribune, when such is placed in a supervisory position by the Company over People’s lease holders.
  12. The Company reserves the right to screen a placeholder scene in the slot space reserved for any scene in any Production, leased or not leased, before a submission is received and approved for screening. 
  13. Lessee is notified that depictions of violence, distribution of misinformation, organization of sedition or any unlawful activities will be grounds for rejection of scene submissions and termination of the lease, at the sole discretion of the Company. Lessee agrees that it and its employees and contractors and all personnel engaged in the photographing and production of scenes shall not engage in violence; that violence and the use of weapons shall not be photographed; and that no weapons shall be allowed upon the set or any location of photography or production. Lessee further agrees that all references to violence shall be oblique only, scripted as to be visualized by the viewers in imagination only and will not be depicted on-screen. Lessee agrees to hold harmless the Company and any of its associates or assigns for any harm or damages incurred during photography or production of scenes.


The Mirror Empire project (the “Project”) is a tentative proposition with risk involved for everyone who participates. The envisioned outcome is a participatory movie that screens in customized versions. To enable such screenings new technology must be made operative. Such technology is believed to be  within the reach of current capabilities but has not yet been deployed in a coordinated manner as envisioned herein. Until such time, screenings of produced and uploaded scenes will be limited to a website, or possibly other applications, and may not be easily presentable as full productions; in addition, no promise is made as to the continuance of the project; furthermore, new ways of viewing and utilizing scenes and sequences may evolve. The Mirror Empire Company (the “Company”) intends to realize and aid, as much as is reasonable and possible, the creative possibilities inherent in the Project. However, no promises can be reasonably made at this time as to outcomes, and all who participate in the Project, whether as an individual or company, as leaseholder, investor, creator, promoter, actor or any other personnel or entity engaged in any way with the Project (each and every, singly and collectively a “Participant”), is hereby made aware that any investment of effort, finance, emotion or any other consideration or thing of value is at risk. Each Participant agrees to hold the Company harmless with regard to any and all risk, harm, or loss; such risk to include any failure and consequence of such failure to realize an envisioned outcome, real or imagined.