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This is what AI is going to look like.

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Partner with The Mirror Empire to create the reflective center of the Internet.

This offering is for capable technology companies.


Lessee is also granted a non-exclusive right as part of a cooperative effort possibly engaging other lessees, to develop: upload, editing and screening of both live and static (archived) productions, personal registration and identification strategies and technologies to include reliable verification, and networking processes; as well as devices, software and technological inventions as needed by Mirror Empire subscribers, creators and distributors, for the distribution of digital, virtual, and paper currency, registration and care of subscribers, protection and identification of empire subjects to include personal surveillance with privacy and technical aspects of developing and operating a social movie and show, i.e., a participatory motion picture project as well as actual real time events, sites and shows necessary for any use approved by The Mirror Empire Company (the “Company”).

Revenues derived from screening of scenes will accrue proportionally to Tech Lessee in a manner similar to other lessees of scene slots. Other revenue from other sources other than the sale of leasing rights may also accrue to Tech Lessees. Lessees are notified that they have the responsibility to negotiate contractual relations with production and distribution parties as necessary for motion picture production and distribution.

Lessee will always and in all circumstances and without reservation allow, license, and/or purvey to the Company for use in The Mirror Empire Social Show project (the “Project”) all relevant technology and usage rights and privileges free of monetary charge or any other consideration or compensation, without restriction whether in usage, scope or other characteristic, mode or method, and shall not hide or withhold capabilities from the Company. Lessee will retain patents for all processes and devices in perpetuity as also any other profits or revenues accruing from such patents and processes outside the overall Project, including future chapters of The Mirror Empire Social Show. Trademarks, logos, designs and any other identifying signs and signifiers will be owned by and will remain under control of the Company.