A Guard is a uniformed character who responds to requests for aid. A Guard registers a location as a guardianship for uploading fully produced scenes to be approved by The MIrror Empire Company (the “Company”) or its agent. Your approved Guard scenes will appear in productions of The Mirror Empire Show which screen closest to the location registered for your guardianship, on all devices and in all venues, in competition with other Guard scenes registered at nearby locations. All boundaries will be determined by the Company. The Company will attempt to offer each guardianship a screening area of at least one square mile. A registered guardianship will be considered to be permanent as much as possible, and new applicants will be denied or referred to a nearby location.

Scenes must be uploaded as needed for new productions. In the case of unapproved scenes or a lack of uploaded scenes, the guardianship’s area of screening will be assigned to a neighboring guardianship. All scenes will be screened, apportioned and edited at the sole and absolute discretion of the Company.

A guardianship may be sold to another Guard by notifying the Company and submitting half of all sale revenues to the Company. The Company reserves the right to nullify sales in the case of fraud or any other dishonest act, and to nullify a guardianship for irresponsible acts or negligence.