Roles that transcend both the reality within the plot and the reality of the actual world come under the Declaration description.

Filmmakers will fall into this category. For instance, a talent agency which represents The Mirror Empire Company may choose to cast itself as the agency portrayed within the production, as may a studio, producer, and other entities written in the scripting process — which process may also be portrayed within the Show. A writer or creator role will fall in this category.

A Councilor role is granted to a Buyer who purchases a residence for a total Purchase Price of at least ten milllion dollars (US) using the brokerage services of Masterworks Realty (the “Broker”) in Nevada, USA, with a contracted brokerage fee of at least 1% (One Percent) of the total Purchase Price paid to the Broker; a Councilor role will also be bestowed upon a Buyer who pays a brokerage referral fee of at least 1% (One Percent) of the total Purchase Price to the Broker for an equally qualified purchase executed outside of Nevada.

Only one person may be listed as the Councilor for each purchase and such will sit on the local council which adjuticates confliicts and issues in the case of a Local Councilor. In such case, Councilors’ scenes will screen locally in their jurisdictions.

World Council seats will be awarded to Purchasers who execute any purchase following the above criteria in The Lakes subdivision of the unincorporated area of Las Vegas, Nevada, but such an honor will only be granted in the case of purchases of homes situated on the waterfront. World Council scenes will screen worldwide.

Screening of all Councilor scenes, locally or worldwide, will be under the absolute control of the Company at its sole and absolute discretion. Such control may be delegated to the Studios on a temporary, contingent, and/or contracted basis.