A World Councilor (“Councilor”) role is granted to the Buyer of any building qualified by The Mirror Empire Company to be a world council palace if the purchase is brokered by Masterworks Realty, a Nevada licensed real estate brokerage (the “Broker”), as Buyer’s or Seller’s Broker, either by directly employing the Broker with a contracted rate of 6% (Six Percent) of the purchase price in the case of an agreement with the Sellor to sell, or through payment of no less than 3% (Three Percent) of the purchase price to the Broker in the case of the Broker’s representation of the Buyer in the transaction, or through the payment of a referral fee to the Broker of no less than 1% (One Percent) of the purchase price in the case of a sale conducted outside of Nevada. Councilor scenes will be apportioned within screenings of the Mirror Empire Show according to locality in some editions; Councilors may be granted additional scenes according to the scripts as they develop further.