You are at the doorstep and your hand is on the latch. Your neighborhood, your city, your nation and the world are going to be sold as virtual real estate in the Mirror Empire Social Show—a movie we all make together. Screening rights for specific scenes and roles will be owned by individuals who decide what their areas of the plot will become, who will appear as actors or as themselves and how real they think they can make it all appear. Everyone will work in cooperation and in opposition to everyone else, each jockeying to follow or lead as master of the game. The overall tension is world empire versus individual, local control, with prizes and pitfalls as old as history: glory, pride, wealth and fame will compete with decency, love, loyalty and courage in a plot you—with all the people of the world—create. There will be other virtual productions which will copy this product and sell real area screening rights for their productions, but in a realm of self-reflection, which you are entering, there will be one true self which we all recognize. Nothing will be like the first production and no one will benefit like the original investors. You are invited to be the first. There will be no one like you.

Get in and grab your spot.

Do not hesitate.

How It Works

Purchase whatever you can that fits your profile. You’ll own the screening rights for that portion of the world as described in the Terms and Conditions. Your scene(s) will appear in the movie as edited by those with editing rights when the entire movie or bespoke scenes, productions, episodes or live events screen in the geographical areas contracted. You and your compatriots and competitors will battle in the plot for supremacy or consensus, not only over character arcs, themes and storylines but the threat of actual political power. Variations will evolve over time and no one knows what they will be, but your area—whether roving or fixed, competitive with other shareholders or set within established boundaries—will be yours. Your basis for attracting capital and talent is your ownership of these screening rights. Be sure you do not come in second. The world empire is coming. This is the real one—that which lives in the imagination of all of us.