On this website are scripts for the creation of a new type of motion picture. This is a fungible movie will screen differently at each location, using locally-produced scenes., and will also vary by other criteria. The plot is about the power of the movie, as it creates an ongoing ‘show’ at the areas where it is filmed while it creates a worldwide movie with a worldwide plot that nevertheless is customized to each location. Anyone can create a scene for editors to use in custom screenings at their location and participate in a plot to change the world with a mythical empire that will bring peace, equality, prosperity and freedom to everyone.

Amateur filmmakers may submit scenes to upload@mirrorempire.com. All scenes not labelled “PROFESSIONAL SCENE ONLY” are eligible for amateur production. Your scene will be in competition with other scenes for the same slot for audience share. Please see the the DISCLAIMER AND TERMS AND CONDITIONS here:

FILM AND TECH INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS may contact the Company to negotiate distribution, production, representation or licensing. Qualified entities may purchase screening rights for the roles that reflect their company and personnel.